Jerry Pavlon-Blum

Rock Day Wedding

Thank you so much for your interest in donating to an organization dedicated to helping people.

DBSA is committed to providing support to those living with mood disorders. Your gift will go directly to resources designed specifically to help people manage their symptoms, access quality treatment and build a network of support, ready in times of crisis. With over 500 peer support groups, DBSA was created with the idea that those living with mood disorders can provide some of the best advice on how to recognize warning signs and overcome the challenges those living with mood disorders face.

Any gifts made through a third-party should be designated to DBSA's EIN: 36-3379124.
If you wish to make a gift by check, please make out to DBSA and send to 55 E Jackson Blvd, Suite 490 Chicago, IL 60604.

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If you would like a card to be sent to the happy couple alerting them to your generous contribution, please write a custom message below. The card will list your name and the address you provided, but your donation amount will not be included unless you choose to add it in your custom message.

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Check the box below to have the amount entered above charged to your credit card on the 27th of every month to commemorate the Rock Day Wedding. You may cancel at any time by emailing Erica Kadel at The first charge will be made immediately.