DBSA is honored to be included on Charity Navigator's "Top Ten Tuesday" list of organizations supporting suicide prevention and mental health.

We were featured for "providing suicide prevention resources, mental health support, community education, and smarter public policy to aid individuals and families facing a mental health diagnosis."

How does DBSA help those in crisis?

DBSA works in a holistic way to support much-needed suicide prevention efforts.

  • We provide resources for people in crisis, and their family and friends, via our website and our network of local DBSA chapters.
  • We help people who have previously been in crisis become more resilient, providing them with tools, practical coping skills, and peer support, giving them strength in difficult moments.
  • We train people who have lived with depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health conditions who want to give back and work as peer counselors, so they can tell their stories to others and use their lived experience to provide support and comfort.
  • We advocate for patients rights and access to quality mental health care, so those in crisis who seek and receive treatment can maintain their privacy and get help on their own terms.
  • We work tirelessly to end the stigma around mental health and mental health care, so that those in need feel more comfortable coming out of the shadows to get the help they need.
  • We teach people how to identify a mental health crisis and how to talk to a person that is experiencing one.
  • We provide hope by showing that millions of people have survived crisis and gone on to live successfully by learning how to manage and treat their suicidal thoughts.

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